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Page added Dec 2021 Gary and Krag offer training in PRAGMATIC and associated methods (such as GQM) ranging from 1 to 5 days, depending on the students’ needs and hence the depth and breadth of coverage and learning required. Public courses (both classroom-based - COVID permitting - and online/virtual) are generally offered through training partners such as ALC Group.

For more targeted, in-depth assistance, we also offer bespoke consultancy support for organizations such as:

  • Custom in-house security metrics training courses.
  • Metrics workshops, along with risk and control workshops.
  • Briefings for senior managers, C-suites, board members, auditors and regulators on information risk and security management metrics, governance and peformance evaluation.
  • Guidance on formulating information security metrics/measurement strategies, policies, procedures and systems.
  • Metrics audits/reviews e.g. benchmarking entire organizations against others, or internal benchmarking comparisons between business units or departments.
  • PRAGMATIC evaluations of existing metrics suites, with advice on revising or replacing metrics to improve effectiveness.
  • Support to identify, specify, implement and use more appropriate metrics, particularly critical metrics concerning critical controls addressing the organization’s critical information risks.
  • Mentoring guidance for CISOs and other senor or middle managers developing, using and maintaining their own information/cybersecurity metrics.
  • Interim management of information or cyber-security functions (from simply holding the reins and assisting with the recruitment of permanent employees, to bootstrapping information security functions that need a boost).
  • Metrics guidance for other functions e.g. IT, finance, HR, operations ...
  • Related areas such as governance, [information] risk management, business continuity/resilience, compliance (e.g. ISO27k) and IT auditing.

If any of this catches your imagination, please contact us for further details. How can we help you? What kind of thing do you have in mind?

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