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Please email us about the book, security metrics, metametrics, the PRAGMATIC method, intellectual property rights, information security management, governance, risk, compliance and other ‘matters arising’. We’d love to hear from you, especially if you need help to apply the method in your organization or to develop your own bespoke information security measurement system. We offer training and consultancy support and we’re more than happy to chat informally or formally to information security practitioners, CISOs, CIOs, CEOs, academics, researchers, business managers, boards of directors, authorities, stockholders and rule-makers about this stuff.

In case you missed it, we’re absolutely nuts about security metrics.

We’re also interested in opportunities to explain the method through seminars and workshops at information security and business conferences, including private in-house meetings and executive briefings, and writing or contributing to articles for publication including books and book reviews, blogs, newsletters, even in-flight magazines, whatever it takes to spread the word.

Our email addresses are: and

Alternatively, feel free to write a book review on Amazon,
bring up the PRAGMATIC approach at security meetings and conferences,
discuss it with your professional colleagues and management ...


PS The metrics issue goes far, far beyond the microcosm that is information risk and security. We are already thinking seriously about how to apply the PRAGMATIC method in totally different areas. Talk to us if you too appreciate its potential in measuring financial management, investment appraisal, banking, insurance; gambling; sports management; compliance, assessment, auditing, assurance and benchmarking; environmental protection, quality assurance and other management systems; politics, government (local, national and international); elf and safety management; economics, macro, micro and pico; general business management and mismanagement; education, teaching, training and indocrination; healthcare, medicine and the life sciences including animal, plant and other; insurance (again, to be sure); science research, pure and applied, and scientific management; geology, paleontology, epidemiology, in fact all the ologies; mathematics, statistics, logic and philosophy; reproductive performance; petrochemicals; climate change; charity and not-for-profits; human resources, people and asset management; events management; micro, small, medium, large and obese organizations; weight management; the legal industry and law enforcement; telecommunications and the Interweb; arts and theater management; defence, offence and international relations; industrial relations; standards; primary industries such as farming, fishing, forestry and mining; wholesale, retail and logistics; social sciences; publishing and entertainment; engineering (civil, greasy and genetic); weather forecasting; flying, navigating, going to Mars and back or simply getting around Paris in rush hour; COVID-19 (naturally); procurement, sales and marketing; cost and management accounting; performance management and motivational management (under and over-achievers); IT, ICT, software development, network and systems management, big iron, embedded systems and cloud computing; relationship management (supplier, customer, business and personal); time management; celebrity, fame and fortune; traffic management (air, land and sea); strategy development and implementation; competitive intelligence ..... you get the picture. Is there any sector or area of human endeavor that wouldn’t benefit immensely from more worthwhile, meaningful and demonstrably useful metrics? We are keen to work alongside acknowledged experts and authors in any field to develop the suite of PRAGMATIC books, articles, pamphlets and stickers: you contribute your immense experience and skills in your chosen profession, we’ll infect you with our almost rabid passion for PRAGMATIC metrics, and together we’ll turn the world. Seriously - drop us a line. We need help. Clearly.

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